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Here's a list of helpful tips to having a top hassle free party!

1) A hall is always better than the house for the party as the children's attention span is much better but also makes it special for the birthday child.



2) Squeakers & blowers are fun at the end of a party NOT the beginning or better still put in the party bags as these can be a big distraction and drive everyone up the wall.



3) Try not to litter the floor with balloons as this is usually a big mistake as all the children will want to do is stamp on them to pop them as quick as they can. This causes loud bangs that scare young ones and make them cry but also causes a more serious problem of small children choking on broken bits of the balloon if they put them in their mouths!



4) Leave the sweet party food separate till the savoury has been eaten to avoid leftover food.



5) Entertainers enjoy having parents at the party but they can be a distraction if talkative, so kindly ask them to be quiet during the performance so as not to detract from the children's enjoyment.



6) Always expect a few extra guests from parents asking if brother or sister can stay so have extra party bags and food.



7) Get noticed. Tie a bunch of balloons to a tree in the garden or on the front door so it's easy for your guests (and Sammy) to find the party, Don't over do it.



8) Between one and a half and two hours is usually long enough for any children's party.


9) Book Sammy EARLY and send out invitations straight away. Nowadays, children have more hectic social lives than their parents so be organised and plan early! 



10) Get help from parents, use parents who stick around as party assistants. They'll love to participate and you'll love it too.



11) Please don't serve food, drinks or lollies once the magic show has started.


12) Be ready for the cake, always know where the camera, matches and lighter are for cake time!

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